With our commitment to quality services and using our established quality management plan and principles from the USACE three-phase construction quality control process, Toeroek delivers consistent quality services and deliverables in the field and back in the office. We understand the importance of each step in the process and the costs associated with compl
eting the work and generating appropriate and defensible data, so we are sensitive to planning and quality ensuring that our clients get value-added performance. Our agile project management approach maintains client communication and approach flexibility as we design optimal characterization and remediation plans using innovative and proven technologies to maximize sustainability while concurrently ensuring project schedule and cost efficiencies. Toeroek has a team of experienced staff for investigation and remediation projects ranging from field technicians and environmental scientists up to expert-level scientists and engineers to effectively solve our clients’ challenges while maintaining project budgets.

  • Site Characterization Studies (PA/SI, RI/FS and RFI/CMS, EE/CA)Tk logos Feb 2017_Enviro logo only
  • Field Sampling
  • Analytical and Data Validation and Management Support
  • Groundwater and Soil Transport Modeling
  • Conceptual Site Model
  • Risk Management and Risk Assessments (Human Health and Ecological)
  • Remediation Technology Analyses and Evaluations
  • Remediation System Evaluations and Optimization Studies
  • Special Studies
  • Cost Estimating and Financial Assurance Evaluation
  • Brownfields/Facility and Site Reuse and Redevelopment
  • Long-Term Monitoring and Reporting
  • Site Characterization, Remediation, and Removal Action Oversight
  • Five-Year Reviews
  • Military Munitions Response Program
  • Community Relations and Outreach
  • Expert Witness Support
  • Records Management
Project Experience